About us

We are a team of two who produce High quality content and tell storys through visuals and text. Kristoffer Alvarado is a film producer and I, Veslemøy is a journalist. We see different things from different perspectives, and together we create content that tells a story, and brings out the best of our destination. With different qualities we are able to provide a wider range of content.

The reason why we absolutly love to travel is because there is so much to discover of the earth. Our goal when travelling is to see absolutely everything our choice of destination has to offer including culture, nature, attractions and old architecture. Our passions are photography and travelling, and to hunt the worlds best scenery inspires us to make more great videos and take more pictures as it makes great content and great memories that we can keep forever. Thats why travelling is a huge priority for us, and a great opportunity to combine our biggest passions. Please take a look at some of our videos on youtube to see what we create here .P1590075.jpg